Young aspiring filmmaker Caleb is making a verite style film starring himself and his girlfriend Fiona, who endures the filmmaking process until she can't take any more.

Official Selection: New York No Limits Festival (Audience Award Winner), NoBudge, Williamsburg Independent Film Festival, LA Underground Film Forum, NewFilmmakers NY, The Monkey Bread Tree Awards, ARFF Berlin

Directed by Max Lakner

Screenplay by Leah Hennessey

Starring: Arabella Aldrich, Roi Cydulkin, Kate Messinger, Grace Friedman, Joon Taylor, Michael Ryterband

Cinematography by Jake Moore

Editing by Emmet Dotan

Costume Design by Chester Algernal

Original Score by Jac Grady

Score for the teaser by Kai Lovelace

Sound Design by Tommy Stang

Makeup by Lanea Singleton

Hair by Kash Spang

Gaffer Gabriel Solorzano

Key Grip: Sam Wood

G&E: Gus Frank

AC: Danielle Naasana

PA: Cath Daly

Produced by Max Lakner, Rocio Salceda, Blake Jones

If you just want to watch the teaser: