Nutten Wit We by Yearwood

Directed, Shot and Edited by Max Lakner 

"Originally planned to be shot in Los Angeles, shelter in place orders sparked a change in plans. The end result was shot while adhering to social distancing guidelines, featuring footage from a diverse array of real life couples highlighting how their love and commitment to each other never wanes, even when faced with challenging circumstances.

“I’d been working on ‘Nutten Wit We’ for so long, and in an instant everything was up in the air, but one of the themes of the song is resilience, and the process of completing the video ended up being a microcosm of that,” says Yearwood. “By incorporating real footage, from real people that are going through the trials and tribulations of isolation, the video ended up being more meaningful and it really means a lot to me to be able to launch this during this uncertain time." -Dakota Digital