Model Files

S03E02: Sexercize w/ Kylie Minogue

S03E03: The Field Trip

S03E04: Plus Size

Model Files

a webseries

Produced by VFiles

Starring: Preston Chaunsumlit

-The New Yorker

"Parodies of the fashion world are hardly a novelty, but “Model Files” has the distinction of being an inside job. The series was created last year by VFiles, a social network for fashion aficionados, and developed a following thanks in large part to Chaunsumlit, thirty-three, who plays a charmingly hapless version of himself, an amiable dolphin swimming with the sharks of haute couture. In short, zippy episodes, Chaunsumlit runs after young mothers in SoHo, soliciting their children to model an Opening Ceremony baby line, and shoots a campaign for North Korean denim. He speaks breezily of “nodels” (not models) and “maiters” (model waiters), and instructs the men and women he hires for ad campaigns in the ways of the business (“Can you look more like a real person?”). The current season finds Chaunsumlit down and out in SoSo—South SoHo—in spite of his newfound fame. In the finale, he gets hit by an S.U.V. while guzzling a coconut water, a beverage whose value in the New York fashion world, according to Model Files, is roughly equivalent to that of fresh blood in Transylvania."      -

-Alexandra Schwartz

New York Times:

"The series, in which Mr. Chaunsumlit plays a caricature of his real job as a casting agent, satirizes and celebrates the insular and self-important world of fashion models. On a recent episode, “The Field Trip,” Mr. Chaunsumlit and some male mannequins get lost on the way to the Hamptons and take refuge in an Ikea. “We’re showing fashion from the inside, which hasn’t really been done before,” he said. “Fashion likes the idea of things being so insider-y, which I think is passé.” Last week’s episode tackled Normcore.         -John Ortved

S03E05: Coachella'd

S03E06: Model Rehab